By Bianca Escotto Morales MPHE,
Provider Education Department

The American Cancer Society notes that kidney cancer is one of the ten types of cancer more common in both men and women. In many the cause of kidney cancer is unknown, so that cannot be prevented. However, there are some measures that can help reduce the risks of this illness

Signs and symptoms associated with kidney cancer are Hematuria, pain on one side of the lower back, mass or lump in the side or lower back, fatigue, loss of appetite, loss of weight, anemia, fever that is not caused by some infection and that does not go away. Some of these signs and symptoms may also be associated with other types of cancer and benign diseases. To get a diagnosis your patient should be referred to the laboratory for an evaluation of their kidney cells or images of the kidneys.

Risk factors associated with kidney cancer are habit like smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, exposure to harmful substances such as trichloroethylene increase the risk of cancer in the kidney cells. So, maintaining a healthy weight, eat a balanced diet, avoid exposure to nicotine and the chemicals listed may help to have a good kidney health.