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Provider Education

The Provider Education Unit develops, implements and offers continuity to the Providers Education Plan according to the corporate initiatives. The unit also defines the educational strategies in collaboration with the different departments of the organization. In addition, facilitates education and training to new providers, and is responsible for the implementation of the Continuing Education Curriculum.

At MSO, provider education is structured into specific initiatives:

Communications and training:

We use different methodologies to keep our providers informed on processes and the new trends in the health industry, therefore facilitating their practice.

  • Monthly Provider Newsletters
  • Health Education Infographics
  • Manuals for Medicare Advantage Network Provider
  • Guidelines for Government Health Plan Providers
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  • Face-to-face individual and Group Trainings


Regulatory Training:

Every year, we offer training to the entire provider network, to ensure compliance with federal and local regulations.

  • Model of Care
  • Corporate Training of Regulations Applicable to the Health Industry in Puerto Rico
  • General Compliance Training
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse

MSO University:

It brings all the information needed as part of new contracted providers onboarding process

  • Over 550 new providers trained every year
  • New Provider Magazine

Education Curriculum:

  • MSO Annual Symposium
  • Other Education activities to Primary Medical Groups and doctors