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InnovaMD Mobile App 

The InnovaMD App contains the Quick Star Guide to help you comply with service quality and clinical care criteria as stated by the Medicare Star Rating Program.

In addition, you will find the InnovaMD-Chat: a safe, accessible and easy-to-use tool, in compliance with HIPAA standards.  This chat makes easier for providers to comply with preventive care measures and with chronic condition criteria.

Some functionalities allow for:

  • Real time messaging for one or more people in the group
  • Instant comparison of documents, images, audio and video material
  • Urgent messaging option
  • Offline and Online coverage
  • Identification of all messages with date and time
  • Smooth, fast advancement of coordinated care
  • Creating direct contact with other physicians
  • Use as a patient-centered tool in order to improve health

Our Focus

Moreover, the use of the InnovaMD application allows for the management of defined medications. Know more about the Star Rating Program under the “Five Star Operations” section.

If you are an active provider and are already registered in InnovaMD, you may use this app right away! You may download it here: