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We assist healthcare professionals in their service to more than 500,000 Medicare Advantage and Medicaid beneficiaries in Puerto Rico.

It is the leading Medicare Advantage plan in Puerto Rico, with the fastest growth rate in the United States. Founded in 2001, it was specially designed to benefit advanced age and impaired individuals, giving top emphasis to Special Needs plans.

As a plan, MMM is focused on promoting physical and emotional wellbeing of its patients through the development of added value programs. One of the main goals is to educate the community in general on the needs of advanced age population. Moreover, MMM worked together with the MSO to update processes and review services in order to improve levels of quality. As a result of these efforts, the company became the first MA organization to obtain accreditation of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) in Puerto Rico, and the first in the Island to reach 4.5 out of a total of 5 stars in Medicare’s Star Rating Program.

Know more about this at www.mmmpr.com

Since 2015, MMM Multi Health is one of the plans offering services to Medicaid beneficiaries covered by the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan (Vital Plan), with comprehensive benefits coverage through a coordinated care model.

All services comply with the strictest quality and cost efficient standards that are required by the healthcare industry, and by regulations of the Federal government and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

To obtain more information on the plans in Puerto Rico, visit www.multihealth-vital.com.


  • Castellana Physician Services, East Region
  • Castellana Physician Services, Metro North Region
  • Castellana Physician Services, Northeast Region
  • Castellana Physician Services, Southeast Region
  • Corporación Médico Oriental
  • Comprehensive Geriatric Care of San Juan
  • Island Medical Group
  • Grupo de Cuidado Geriátrico Integral
  • Grupo Médico Geriátrico
  • East Coast Medical Group
  • Centro de Medicina Primaria Advantage del Norte, Inc.
  • Médicos Selectos del Norte
  • Villa de los Santos Advantage
  • Grupo Advantage del Oeste, Inc.
  • Omega Network, Corp.
  • Solidarity MSO, LLC
  • Advantage Medical Group, Inc.
  • In Salud, Inc.
  • Ponce Advantage Medical Group Network, Corp.
  • Remas Network, Corp.
  • Southern Medical Alliance, Inc.

Primary Medical Group

  • ACO del Norte
  • ARSE
  • Access Medical Group
  • Alianza de Centros de Salud Comunitaria, Inc.
  • Alianza de Médicos del Sureste
  • Anchor Health Management
  • Centro Medicina Familia del Norte
  • Centro Médico Salinas
  • Centro de Medicina Primaria
  • Centro de Pediatría y Medicina de Familia
  • Consejo de Salud de Puerto Rico
  • Consorcio Multisalud del Este
  • Consorcio Multisalud del Oeste
  • Corporación Médica Juana Díaz
  • Costa Este Medical Services
  • De Médicos Primarios
  • Family Medicine Group
  • Grupo Médico San Gerardo
  • Hostos Medical Services
  • Instituto Médico Familiar
  • Jatibonico
  • Menr Medical Services
  • Médicos Aliados del Noreste
  • Neomed
  • Omega
  • Physician HMO
  • Policlínica General de Coamo
  • Policlínicas Médicas Asociadas
  • Primary Medical Center
  • Quality Health Solutions, LLC
  • Red de Médicos Asociados del Sur
  • Redes del Sureste
  • SMA Southern Medical Alliance
  • Salinas Family Medical Services
  • Salud 2011
  • Servicios Médicos Integrados de Fajardo
  • Southern Health Care Group