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Integrated Mental Health Department

The main function of this Department is to coordinate the resources and services for each beneficiary, in line with the highest quality standard. We look after the profitability of the processes, making sure that the service is provided at the right time, in an environment that considers the physical and mental health needs of the person. We are constantly looking for innovative initiatives that result in improving patient care and well-being.

Providers can address the mental health needs of their patients and their family members through:

Mental Health Customer Service Call Center and Crisis Line 24/7

Case Management

Emergency Services through psychiatric hospitals, individual providers, psychiatric units and emergency rooms.

Some of the services offered by the Integrated Mental Health Department include:

  • Coordination and pre-authorizations for outpatient services: psychologists, social workers, home visits and partial hospitalization programs.
  • Certification of psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Support in the coordination of involuntary hospitalizations (Act 408) and psychiatric emergencies.
  • Orientations related to home visit services for bed ridden patients.
  • Orientations related to the Mental Health Case Management Program.
  • After discharge services coordination, among other services.

We offer services to the Medicare Advantage (MMM) and Plan Vital (MMM Multi Health) populations. For service coordination, providers and beneficiaries may contact the Department at the following telephone numbers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

Medicare Advantage:

  • Metro area (787) 625-2121
  • Toll free: 1 (877) 721-7722
  • TTY: 1 (855) 622-5602
  • Fax: (787) 300-5509

Plan Vital:

  • Metro area (787) 474-7086
  • Toll free: 1 (844) 337-3332
  • TTY: (787) 999-4411
  • Fax: 1 (844) 990-6990

For administrative inquiries, you may contact the Provider Services Call Center.