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Inpatient Coordination

MSO has a team that works hand in hand with physicians to identify needs and to take care of patients who request additional assistance.


Supports MSO services to give hospitalists the tools they need to ensure that the patient’s hospitalization experience is the best possible.  inHealth manages the patient’s transition between outpatient and inpatient settings, by coordinating care and by supplying needs at the diverse care levels. 

Our Inpatient Management Program achieves:

  • Better care transition and utilization management
  • Optimization of service coordination
  • Adequate treatment  at the place and time that is best for the patient
  • Access to physicians specializing in inpatient care, 24/7/365

Unidad Dorada

Exclusive facilities from MMM members who require being hospitalized, and their caregivers. Each facility offers top quality medical services from urgency or emergency attention, to inpatient care including post discharge services at home.

It serves as an intermediary between the hospital, the primary physician, and the patient, to ensure that all outpatient services are completed.


Unidad Dorada facilities are available at:

  • Bayamón Medical Center, Bayamón
  • San Lucas Episcopal Hospital, Ponce
  • Mayagüez Medical Center, Mayagüez
  • Metro Pavía Hospital, Santurce
  • HIMA San Pablo Hospital, Caguas

Inpatient Initiatives

  • MSO and inHealth staff integrated to clinical affairs and customer service issues
  • Opportunity for IPA groups to be part of clinical rounds
  • Integration of the PCP to interventions made to their patients
  • Discharge planning at the hospital, and medical appointment scheduling
  • Delivery of medical equipment to patient before the discharge
  • Wound care services integration
  • Mental Health and Social Work evaluation and services starting at the patient’s admission
  • Delivery of outpatient medications upon discharge
  • Integration of clinical information systems, from the hospital to MSO
  • Others

Our model of care is innovative
and unique in Puerto Rico