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InnovaMD Provider Portal

InnovaMD is our cyber portal, designed for the use of both healthcare providers and medical practice administrators. In addition, it provides access to the first Health Information Exchange (HIE) Hub in Puerto Rico, and is the main communication channel for providers under the MSO network.

The portal is secure, easy to use and with optimal interfaces for information exchange.

Main functions allow users to see or verify:

  • Eligibility of enrolled patients
  • Lab test results comparison charts
  • Payment history
  • Provider directory
  • Hospital Census for PCPs and IPAs
  • Clinical information
  • Monthly Star reports, charts, and interactive data
  • Beneficiary management for PCPs and IPAs
  • Important alerts
  • Dashboards and reports to facilitate analysis and statistics

Other functions:

  • Submit preauthorizations or referrals in an integrated manner
  • Work with several beneficiaries simultaneously
  • Download forms, clinical guidelines, and reference information
  • Make medication reconciliations
  • Develop registry of medication home delivery
  • Management of beneficiary/PCP/IPA relationship

Network providers may register
or access the provider website here