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What we do

Our model of care and support resources help providers to achieve high-level performance.

We work with physicians and practice leaders to execute strategies that enhance results as well as shared financial value. Our value-based model of care and support resources help providers to achieve superior performance, whether they are new to this system or already are experienced on it.


Let’s explore the key drivers of success:

  • Provider Network Management
  • Innovative strategies to boost provider development
  • Multidimensional clinical programs leading up to quality results
  • Condition and Chronic Care Management
  • Management and development of Pharmacy strategies intended to optimize medication benefits
  • Analytics

Provider Network Management and Support

We offer our providers the resources and support they need in order to bring success to their practices, aiming at a level of excellence in healthcare. Find more information, here.

Care Management

Get more information on our interdisciplinary teams, who render dedicated service to both  providers and patients.

Clinical Programs

Innovative projects that help the provider to transform coordinated care and the health of their patients. 

Chronic Care Management

Our proven focus on the control of chronic conditions is based on the patient’s participation, coordinated care and the capability of closing service gaps.

Analytical Intelligence

Know about technology and how it helps physicians to take their practices from insight into action.


Learn about the responsibilities of this department. We explain how we help to keep processes to the max.

Raising Patient & Provider Experience

We bring support through tools and resources that offer world-class care to patients while simplifying your workload.