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Analytical Intelligence

Insights and Visualizations 

We provide innovative and user-friendly technology, easy to use reports and trained resources to help physician’s practices turn insight into action. We count on our Analytics Center, integrated by a team of dedicated experts, who develop advanced reporting tools and intuitive resources for physicians.

Physicians benefit from this expertise when they are able to apply clinical models that yield meaningful insights on their patient populations and improve health outcomes.

Our MSO data platform provides interactive analysis of patient populations with the capability to drill down and compare data in several ways, customizable by provider needs, to draw conclusions and provide insights on populations that can most benefit from quality of care measures.

Turning Insights into Vision 

MSO, assisted by its Health Operations team, provides resources to help physicians identify the most important implications of analytics and support the practice while turning insights into action at the point of care. We work to attain realistic results, from identifying unnecessary utilization of the emergency room and guiding to more appropriate clinical pathways, to implementing solutions like 1-day refills and same-day appointments.