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Care Management

Our support to medical practices consists of an efficient team-based approach. To provide excellence, we believe in a personal touch through an interdisciplinary team that is focused on improving coordination of care.

Integrated Care Teams to Support Providers

To coordinate care, the Primary Care Physician works closely together with our care team consisting of Nurses, Care Managers, Resource Coordinators, Patient Care Coordinators, Social Workers, Health Educators, and Pharmacists.

This interdisciplinary team and the primary physician’s staff establish care plans that are aligned to the patient’s treatment.

Proactive Care

Prevention on key health issues leads to better results than traditional models, which mostly react to acute events. 

Annual Health Assessment (AHA) provides an opportunity for physicians and patients to have a meaningful conversation about health conditions, and deliver clinical information to help identify patient needs and set a treatment plan.

Coordinated care aims at facilitating:

  • Preventive approach.
  • Access to medical and ancillary services.
  • Alternative to receive the required attention, when needed.
  • Vaccination and specialized care.
  • Communication between the primary physician, the patient and health professionals involved in the treatment.

Coordinated Care Transition

At the time of the admission, the transitional care management team begins identifying discharge needs to support patients at highest risk for readmission, and set up a healthy transition to home.

A care transition specialist ensures the coordination of care after hospital discharge. This team will follow up on the patient, and schedule the visit to the patient’s PCP within the first 7 days after discharge. The care transition team will identify needs and refer the patient to other clinical programs if needed.

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Dorland Health’s Case

in Point Awards

Discharge Planning Unit
Platinum Award / Senior Programs

Ulcer and Wound Care Program
Platinum Award / Managed Care

Finalist / Wellness and Prevention

Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association


Sensitivity towards the Elderly Platform: Best Practices of Corporate Citizenship

Standards of Excellence, America’s Physician Groups (APG) survey


MSO has been recognized for four consecutive years, and has received the Elite award for three years.