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We transform
the healthcare industry

At MSO, we work with a healthcare model that is based on a close and trustworthy relationship between the physician, the patient and the ancillary services professionals, in order to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of thousands of patients around the Island.

Innovation in coordinated care
is our goal

As pioneers in supporting medical practice in Puerto Rico, we facilitate resources, develop comprehensive plans, and provide innovative tools to promote outstanding clinical, administrative, and financial results.

We work to benefit our network healthcare professionals through an ecosystem of multiple resources and benefits that, when operating together, will generate responses to supply those treatment and prevention needs that take Medicine to a standard of excellence.

We are at your service

Our model of care promotes a close patient-physician relationship, since we believe that this is essential to deliver high-end, efficient care for better experience and optimum results.


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Innovative Programs 

We implement strategic programs that yield results and high-level performance.

Patient & Provider Experience

We provide support through resources that bring world-class care to beneficiaries.


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