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Dental Department

MSO opened its Dental Department in 2008. Currently, this Department is the only one in its class in Puerto Rico that operates full time, with a multidisciplinary team that visits providers, their auxiliary and administrative staff to provide support. In addition, guidance is offered on each of our programs, which are focused on providing tools to obtain quality results. For the benefit of the patient, our representatives offer educational and prevention talks at Members Club (meeting center for MMM affiliates) locations around the island.

Our Dental Department is the only one whose audits are entirely performed by dentists, and the collaboration of Dental Auxiliary Personnel duly qualified in this discipline, thus crediting the trust and support of the class of dental health professionals of Puerto Rico. We currently have 910 providers for Medicare Advantage members and 902 for Vital Plan beneficiaries, representing almost 90% of the total dental providers on the Island.

To lead this department, MSO has brought together leaders with vast experience in public health and in the clinical and administrative areas of dental health.

The Dental Department offers:

  • Support for compliance with Model of Care (compulsory training by CMS).
  • Guidance for using the InnovaMD portal.
  • Analysis and processing of dental preauthorization’s.
  • Support to the process of gathering and fulfilling credentials to providers.
  • Support to the provider during the process of their dental contract.
  • Guidance on covers and rates.
  • Resolution of cases of Appeals and Grievances, and Work Basket, within the established time.